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Teharan, Iran
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YASDARU Herbal Pharmaceutical Company is a knowledge-based company and was founded in 2008 and has grown to wide range of capacities including conducting basic science research, manufacturing plant-based medications, food supplements, cosmetics and veterinary medicines. Our company is also capable of developing medicinal products for agricultural purposes. Through a knowledge transfer strategy, we have succeeded to develop and transfer our research findings to pharmaceutical industry and to end users. At YASDARU we are fully capable of preparing standardized crude medicinal plants, essential oils, herbal extracts and finished products for human and animal use. also, we welcome the idea from researchers in the field who are willing to turn their novel ideas into action. We accept requests of mutual collaborations with other related industries, researchers and investors to create and implement the best strategies for business development in food, drug and cosmetic fields. Our scientific staff along with the administrative and finance managers have made it possible to attract a great deal of interest from other pharmaceutical companies to preform contract manufacturing outside our company. Major part of our path was paved by Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran in a mission to support local manufacturers and to create employment opportunities. YASDARU is completing a new one-hectare pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Caspian industrial complex, 100 km west of tehran to produce all dosage forms of pharmaceutical products in large scales.


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