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Extract of Zingiber healer of joint’s pain and nausea

Zingiber is armed with a peculiar substance called Gingerol which has braod range of medical properties, like: treating joint’s pain, lower the blood sugar, anti inflation and lowering the cholesterol.

ARHEUMIN drop is an herbal product from ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) extract in the form of tincture. This liquid is absorbed quickly through the skin and is fast-acting.
Medical indication: Nausea in motion sickness, pregnancy and chemotherapy; anti- inflammatory in rheumatoid arthritis, joint and skeletal pains.
Medicinal ingredients: Essential oils and resins. Major elements of essential oils are bisabolene, curcumene and zingiberene. The medicine is standardized based on zingiberene (the most important ingredient of essential oils constituting at least 9%). Arheumin has been standardized by 20 mg/ml ginger extract.
Pharmacology: Ginger has been found to reduce vomiting more effectively than dimenhydrinate and its anti-inflammatory effect was comparable to that of aspirin. Antioxidant activity of ginger was due to inhibition of lipoxygenase. These effects may be the result of the action of its volatile chemical component.
Recommended dosage:
* 40 drops in the morning after breakfast.
* Anti-nausea in motion sickness: 50 drops, 30 to 45 minutes before travel.
* Anti-nausea in chemotherapy: 30 drops, 3 times a day before meals.
JOINT PAIN, RHEUMATISM AND SKELETAL PAIN: topical use, 20 to 30 drops each time, 2 to 4 times a day on body.
Considerable Notes:
The recommended dosages are for adults and could be reduced for children (older than 4) and teenagers.
Dilute with half a glass of water or fruit juice in time of use. Avoid using directly.
Pregnancy and lactation: Permitted to take within the recommended dosage, under the physician recommendations.
Side effects: Although there has been no reports of side effects of ginger and its products, It should be consumed within the recommended dosage and should be stopped in case of allergic symptoms.
Interactions: Those who use anticoagulants or suffer from gallstone have to consume under the physician’s advice.
Packaging: Offers to the market in 30 ml drops inside the box along with a brochure.

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