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G-Rup® is an herbal product from ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc) extract and honey in the form of syrup. Ginger is a well-known botanical source from the ancient time and has an investigated data in modern medicine.

Medical indication: Arthritis and rheumatic pains; common cold and myalgia, Flatulence and reflex in cold and wet stomach

Medicinal ingredients: Essential oils and resins. Major components of essential oils are bisabolene, curcumene and zingiberence. The medicine is standardized based on zingiberence (the most important ingredient of essential oils constituting at least 14±2%). G-Rup® has been standardized by 100 mg/ml ginger extract.

Pharmacology: Scientific data showed that the anti-inflammatory effect of ginger was more than aspirin, so it was employed for arthritis and rheumatic disorders, also the ginger extract was effective as immunogenic and anti microbial agent used for the treatment of common cold.
Recommended dosage: One spoonful, 3 times a day for adults; one teaspoonful, 3 times a day for children: 4-12 years of age

Pregnancy and lactation: Permitted to take within the recommended dosage, under the physician recommendations.

Side effects: Dermatitis in sensitive person to ginger.
Interactions: Those who use anticoagulants or suffer from gallstone have to consume under the physician’s advice. Considerable notes: It should be consumed within the recommended dosage and should be stopped in case of allergic symptoms.

Packaging: Offered to the market in 120 ml syrup inside the box along with a brochure.

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